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David Seaman is a Fraud, Ties to George Soros

If you don't know who David Seaman is, he's the self-appointed head spokesman of the Pizzagate movement. If you are a pizzagater, this association should make you very nervous, because David Seaman is a mentally unstable con man. Let's start with some background.
In 2007, Seaman began an internship with Jezebel. After only a few short months, he was so hated and reviled that Jezebel ran a hit piece on him, describing him as a "self-promotional whore" and then fired him. In the article, they publish a profile that Seaman had written about himself, which reveals the scary depths of his self-involved nature.
In 2008, Seaman wrote a book called, Dirty Little Secrets of Buzz: How to Attract Massive Attention for Your Business, Your Product, or Yourself. In this book, you can get advice such as "Always be controversial and outrageous in everything you do" and "Enemies are more important than friends." You'll also learn interesting tidbits such as how he loves Bill Maher and Michael Moore, and hates Ann Coulter and Bill O'Reilly. This seems to be very contradictory, seeing as how he claims to be such a huge Donald Trump supporter. He also refers to himself as a "veteran promotional stunt planner," not a reporter or journalist. In the "About the Author" section, you'll find this info: Seaman is the founder of Shutterline Interactive, a vehicle for rapidly deploying new publicity stunts.
In August 2009, before the release of his book, Seaman claimed he would run naked through Times Square if his book didn't make the Top 100 list on Amazon. The book barely cracked the Top 200,000. He didn't follow through on the streaking promise. David Seaman has never met a promise that he didn't break.
Also in 2009, Seaman does an interview with Business Beat Live. In the interview he says, "I would protest gravity if I thought it was going to get me buzz".
Seaman calls Joe Rogan a liar. He claims that Rogan promised him a role as a political contributor on his podcast, but never followed through. Rogan's producer, Brian Redban, implies in a tweet that Seaman is mentally unwell.
In the same article, he talks a little bit about he holds a grudge against his family because "they didn't have my back when I needed it". Knowing his history, he probably tried to con them, just like everyone else he's ever met.
If you are familiar with Seaman's Youtube channel, then you're aware that he is constantly shilling for Bitcoin and Goldmoney. Here's some info on Goldmoney:
"Goldmoney Inc has its headquarters located in Toronto Canada and in Saint Helier Jersey.[6] The company is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and has a market capitalization of $312 million as of February 27, 2016. GoldMoney Inc. investors and backers include Eric Sprott, Albert D. Friedberg, George Soros, Adam Fleming, and Canadian Banks Canaccord Genuity."
Yes that's right, one of the principle investors in Goldmoney is none other than George Soros! David Seaman can not claim ignorance on this subject either, because in an article on the Huffington Post he writes, "The company is funded by a number of savvy financial elites including precious metals entrepreneur Eric Sprott and the legendary Soros family."
For a guy who claims to hate pedophilia crimes and Hillary Clinton and John Podesta so much, why is he so proud to be associated with George Soros?
Also of note, Goldmoney paid for Seaman to attend this year's Super Bowl.
DavidSeaman recently won the #Supergold contest and got to go to the Super Bowl! 
Seaman's constant praise of Bitcoin is also curious, considering in July of last year he had this to say about Bitcoin in another Huffington Post article:
"The trolls and narrowminded Bitcoin bagholders pushing Ethereum “Classic” on an unsuspecting public are not the ultimate reason I’m selling off much of my Bitcoin tonight - that’s just another indication to me that Bitcoin is in a weak position. Ultimately, however, my decision is grounded in economic self-interest. I see optimism and amazing ideas being built out in Ethereum, and I don’t see anything close to this level in Bitcoin at the moment. Shortly after I file this story, I’ll be selling off 80% of my personal Bitcoin holdings; or more accurately, converting them into Ether, on Coinbase."
So he's bullish on Bitcoin, yet sold off 80% of his holdings? This guy just can't stop contradicting himself.
In August of 2016, Seaman claims to have been fired from the Huffington Post for writing an article about Hillary's health. This is false, as he couldn't be fired, because he was never on the HuffPo payroll. He was a contributor and unpaid blogger and had his publishing rights revoked, he was not fired. There is not a single person who has corroborated his claim that he was "fired" because of his Hillary article. Judging by his employment history, it's just as likely he was "fired" for being a self-promoting asshole.
Let's move onto Pizzagate. Seaman started "reporting" on Pizzagate as early as November of last year. He owes the large following he has on Youtube and Twitter to the Pizzagate investigation, so you would think he would show some love for the hardworking Pizzagate investigators, right? WRONG. He's constantly taking credit for other peoples' work and has done exactly ZERO research on his own.
He has not evolved his coverage of Pizzagate one bit in over 3 months, it still consists mostly of "Hillary is evil, lock her up" "Podesta is a pedophile, lock him up". This guy is not a journalist, he's an anti-journalist.
There has been a lot of evidence discovered during the Pizzagate investigation, and there has also been a lot of stuff that has been proven to be fake. Seaman is constantly latching on to the most sensationalist, fake parts of Pizzagate and reporting it as fact and ignores all the valuable evidence that has been found. This has a huge negative effect on the credibility of Pizzagate.
He's repeatedly made claims that his life was in danger and "they" are out to get him. At one point he even claimed that 2 policemen were stationed outside his home for his protection. He claims to be so frightened for his life that he sleeps with a gun next to his bed. Of course, no one has ever been able to corroborate any of these claims.
Seaman has been an ardent supporter of Donald Trump, but just yesterday tweeted this: Was @realDonaldTrump's election just a brilliant head fake to give the potbellied pedophiles in the Deep State another 4 years of survival?
Today, he is back to being a Trump supporter and hashtagging MAGA on his tweets. He can't seem to keep his story straight for more than a day at a time.
He's repeatedly claimed that his work regarding Pizzagate is done and his place in the history books is secure, because the authorities are going to arrest everyone, and he won't speak about it anymore. Each of these claims has lasted about 5 minutes, until he starts talking about it again. In fact, he can't shut up about it, it's all he talks about.
A little over a week ago, Seaman went on an epic Twitter rant about Antarctica, Flat Earth theory, Mandela Effect, and aliens. This was an obvious attempt to lump Pizzagate in with fringe conspiracies. He then deleted his Twitter account. And then he reactivated his Twitter account. He then claimed Twitter deleted all his followers, except they didn't. This guy needs help.
He claims to have insider "sources". Every single time he's made a prediction based on his "sources", he's been wrong.
This past Sunday, February 12th, he sent out this tweet: Pizzagate is real. I was told arrests by midnight or early tomorrow, if that is not so, my source's confidentiality might dry up. Oops!
He was obviously trying to capitalize on the questionable claim by Youtuber Titus Frost, who made a video saying that child porn was found on Comet Ping Pong's website and that the police have been given all the evidence.
He was dead wrong, as usual. The next day, as people are questioning him and wondering if he will give up his source as he claims, he has another Twitter meltdown. His evidence that there should have been arrests is "Look at Tony Podesta's eyes". That's some quality journalism there, David. Constantly pressed to reveal his source, he says "My source is Wikileaks.org". Indicating that he has no source other than the Podesta emails that we've all read. He continues calling anyone who questions him shills, trolls, and David Brock employees for the rest of the day.
Later in the day, well past the timeline from his "source", he tweets a link to an article about the arrest of Jeffrey Sandusky. He claims this is a high level, high profile arrest and that his "source" was right all along.
During this same rant on February 13, he claims he was set up to be a fall guy, contradicting the later tweet that his "source" was right.
In this tweet, he throws the hardworking pizzagate researchers under the bus in an attempt to save his own credibility
If you've seen Seaman's YT videos, he's constantly talking about how Paypal and Youtube are out to get him by shutting off his income and trying to destory him financially. This of course leads to begging his fans for money via Patreon.
He's on pace to make $55,000 per year from Patreon, which he claims goes toward "legitimate production expenses."
In a tweet on 2/13/17, which is probably deleted because I can't find it, he claims he has $60,000 saved up and doesn't need money from his fans. So why are you constantly trying to get their money?
On February 14, in response to Hillary Clinton's Pizzagate tweet, he goes on yet another insane Twitter rant. He starts demanding justice and that people should take to the streets to protest. He sends crazy tweets directed at Hillary calling her evil bitch, a monster, a child rapist, and all sorts of other things. He calls for all the pedophiles to be hanged. Of course he provides no evidence for any of this like any sane Pizzagate investigator would do, he just screams about it like a lunatic.
He then starts tweeting falsities about Donald Trump, even though he claims to support him.
In this one, he claims Trump was planted by the Deep State to protect the pedophiles:
Go to his twitter page here: https://twitter.com/d_seaman to see all the ridiculous and demented things he is tweeting because frankly there are just too many to list. This is coming from a "respected" "journalist".
As you can see, all the information and evidence shows that David Seaman is clearly a fraudulent con man. He has been deceiving Pizzagate truthers from the very start, in an effort to boost his own fame and fortune. His intentions are not merely for personal gain either, he has been out to intentionally discredit Pizzagate by painting all investigators as unstable mentally ill lunatics. He has also had a massive negative influence on the credibility of Pizzagate, and he's reported it dishonestly and poorly the whole way and has repeatedly taken credit for other peoples' work.
This tweet, makes it abundantly clear what his agenda is. Someone asks him what he foresees for himself and he replies: Worldwide fame, or an untimely death.
If you are serious about Pizzagate and wanting to see the perpetrators held accountable for their crimes, you need to spread the word about the charlatan David Seaman, who claims to be on our side, but is clearly not.
David Seaman made a response video to this post, when I posted it to voat last night. I encourage everyone who has read my post to watch it, to see firsthand how much of a liar and pathetic "journalist" Seaman is. His gullible followers ate it up as true to form he turned it around and pretends to be the victim.
Here is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuJs3tBDKqI
-His posts on voat were deleted by a mod because he didn't follow the submission rules. He's completely lying about the photo ID stuff. The fact that he didn't have an account and doesn't even know the rules at the main pizzagate research forum goes to show just how much of a "researcher" he is.
-Claims that I'm accusing him of trying to sell his book. Complete and total lie, I never wrote or implied that a single time.
-Completely lies about the Super Bowl, no mention of Goldmoney.
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