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Should the MtGox Bankruptcy Trustee Release the MtGox Bitcoin Wallet Addresses?

Should the MtGox Bankruptcy Trustee Release the MtGox Bitcoin Wallet Addresses?
In a response to creditor demand, the Trustee has indicated interest in releasing the list complete of bitcoin wallet addresses known to belong to MtGox to the public for further, crowdsourced, investigation. No other information would accompany this release.
We ask you to vote and participate in a discussion below as to the merits of releasing the address list vs keeping it private.
Vote Button Poll Options Current Vote Count
Vote Yes - release the data so we can investigate 555 Votes
Vote Yes - release the data for other reasons 6 Votes
Vote No - keep it private for privacy reasons 124 Votes
Vote No - keep it private for other reasons 7 Votes
  • Click Vote to Register Your Vote.
Note: Vote Count in this post will be updated real time with new data.
Make Your Own Poll Here
See live vote count here
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real cold wallet address of mtgox trustee? /r/Bitcoin

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Should the MtGox Bankruptcy Trustee Release the MtGox Bitcoin Wallet Addresses? [x-post]

Should the MtGox Bankruptcy Trustee Release the MtGox Bitcoin Wallet Addresses? [x-post] submitted by jespow to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Should the MtGox Bankruptcy Trustee Release the MtGox Bitcoin Wallet Addresses? [x-post]

Should the MtGox Bankruptcy Trustee Release the MtGox Bitcoin Wallet Addresses? [x-post] submitted by jespow to btc [link] [comments]

Should the MtGox Bankruptcy Trustee Release the MtGox Bitcoin Wallet Addresses? [x-post]

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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: Should the MtGox Bankruptcy Trustee Release the MtGox Bitcoin Wallet Addresses? /r/mtgoxinsolvency

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"MtGox will resume bitcoin withdrawals to outside wallets once the issue outlined above has been properly addressed in a manner that will best serve our customers."

I wonder which "customers" MtGox has in mind? Certainly not all of them, that's for sure. It's now trading almost 40% lower than the other exchanges. That's simply impossible. They're creating a massive, long, slow dump for heavy hitters close to their hierarchy.
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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: Should the MtGox Bankruptcy Trustee Release the MtGox Bitcoin Wallet Addresses? /r/mtgoxinsolvency

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Should the MtGox Bankruptcy Trustee Release the MtGox Bitcoin Wallet Addresses? [x-post]

Should the MtGox Bankruptcy Trustee Release the MtGox Wallet Addresses? - via /bitcoin
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Tax question about lack of record-keeping of very early coins.

Here is my situation if anyone can offer advice, even advice about where to ask for advice.
I bought and transacted a small amount of bitcoins starting in 2011. Back then the community was very different and I have kept no records of those years and don't have the exact wallet files or addresses anymore.
In 2012 through stupidity I lost my passwords to everything. I've lived a poomodest life for 8 years.
Fast foward to today, I've recently found and cracked one old wallet with "$300" worth... over $5 million.
I don't mind to pay tax on it, I'm resigned to giving up half, but what I'm worried about is if they ask where I got the money from and I can't explain or prove it because it's over 9 years ago, what are the risks that gov would take ALL of it?
Most of my earliest coins where bought by privately trading with people who took my "Liberty Reserve" dollars - a service that doesn't exist anymore, and the coins put in or, two more services that don't exist anymore.
In turn, it's so long ago that I don't have records or even remember how my Liberty Reserve accounts were funded in the first place.
What would you do? Or what experts specifically would you try to contact about it? Not to evade tax and keep all of it, but just to ensure I get it through the right process to keep half of it?
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My collection of amazing early Bitcoin comments, right here from Reddit:

On buying (or not) a gaming rig to mine Bitcoin:
With the difficulty skyrocketing and exchange rates sitting stagnant at $5~8 for the last week or so, you pretty much missed the boat to buy dedicated mining hardware, IMHO. If you already have the hardware, or are looking for an excuse to buy a couple bitchin' new graphics cards for a gaming rig, there's definitely money to be made mining when you're not using it.
But I don't think I'd drop $1k into a rig that's only to mine with unless it was $1k I'd blow on something even more retarded. I certainly wouldn't sink next month's rent into it.
On easily cashing out Bitcoin using mtgox:
I think getting money is not that difficult. The daily volume on mtgox is over $100K, so I think anyone can currently sell Bitcoins for USD without problems.
On it being $10:
Is Bitcoin 10 usd yet?
Bonus: Snapshot of the isbitcoin10usdyet website from 2011:
Mtgox might disappear:
400K bitcoins is $4M dollars. Given all risks and uncertainties around bitcoins, no wonder some of the early founders exit their investments. Tomorrow mtgox or dwolla may disappear. It is the matter of one government intervention.
Bitcoin is terrible at friendly front-end:
This is a dangerous point-of-view. The entire bitcoin ecosystem is ugly, confusing, and deeply unusable. Really think about the questions posed in the article. The client works, as in, it creates a functional front-end for some bitcoin-related tasks, but it isn't at all designed for how humans would want to interact with the currency. The point of the article isn't that the client is hard, it's that the client works pretty well for obsessive nerds (present company included), but if bitcoin is really going to succeed at the goals it sets out to accomplish, it needs to not only be usable by normal people, it needs to be exceptional. If you think it's reasonably usable, you're welcome to that opinion, but please understand that you're the exact sort of person Mr. Falkvinge was referring to. Great with complex logic, terrible at friendly front-end.
On wallets going out of sync:
One thing that I think is lacking is the ability to functionally use wallets on different machines as they will tend to get out of sync. This might be able to be overcome if new addresses were deterministically created from a seed contained in the wallet, but there are probably better ways.
Also, the UI for the official client is kind of a bone.
On Bitcoin’s ease of use:
In fact, BTC is in such an infant state right now only enthusiasts investors, and geeks who can actually grasp how the system truly works, are using it for real.
The usability issues raised by the article are real. No grandma, or any well respected enterprise for that matter, would accept working with this type of GUI. If anything, a REAL enterprise backend still needs to be developed to handle the BTC's ungly guts, with all transactions details, hashes, mining, wallets, proxy connections, peer discovery via IRC channels... I mean... this is all too RAW for the end user. I can see a near future where startups will begin to offer user friendly GUIs, online access, maybe even online banking for your bitcoin accounts, automated backups and safety mechanisms to protect your coins in case of theft.
All of us geeks will end up supporting the bootstrap of this network so that, later on, your grandma will be able to use this just as she would use a credit card today.
rBitcoin is not a sub for memes:
This isnt a subreddit for memes. Take it back to pics
I think I’ll keep my money elsewhere:
This further reinforces BC's image as nothing more than a Ponzi scheme. When the distribution is skewed that heavily towards early adopters, they will have almost total control over the market. Those 32 could manipulate to their hearts content. I think I'll keep my money elsewhere....
Tulip mania:
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Founder of Bitcoin Builder, Josh Jones, and one of mtgox's largest creditors just lost $37 million in a sim hack.

In a now deleted post the user zhoujianfu pleads for help from miners/community after 59471 BCH (~$22 million) and 1547 BTC (~$15 million) vanished from his wallets.
To confirm the legitimacy of the address in question (1Edu4yBtfAKwGGsQSa45euTSAG6A2Zbone) from which the total sum of $37 million in crypto currency was stolen, he signed the address:
zhoujianfu owns me.
I have verified the signature as valid. The post which confirms that zhoujianfu is indeed Josh Jones can be found here. According to the deleted post, this was a "sim hack". Which wallet service was used or how Josh was able to retrieve the private keys to sign that message remains unknown, however there has been speculation that he has used or
This shouldn't have any impact on his claim with mtgox or his creditors in bitcoin builder, but it seems relevant here nonetheless.
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Want to hunt down 430k BTC from MTGox? Here is the Address

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Oxford Project Examines Crypto Custodians' Insolvency Risks

Oxford Project Examines Crypto Custodians' Insolvency Risks

The Research States That Crypto Custodians Are Not Entirely Disintermediated And Hold Legal Risks
Since its start in 2008, the crypto sector drew the attention of almost everyone in the financial industry – from crypto enthusiasts to legislators. In the context of research on digital assets, conducted as a collaboration between Leiden Law School and Oxford University, Prof. Dr. Matthias Haentjens, Dr. Tycho de Graaf & Ilya Kokorin LLM published a 42-page document. The research paper examines the possible risks behind crypto customers’ involvement with crypto custodians.
The researchers noted that in recent years several crypto exchanges shut down operations, including Cryptopia (New Zealand), BitGrail (Italy), and QuadrigaCX (Canada). The team at Leiden Law School also analyzed the legal standpoint behind crypto custodians’ insolvency, like the ownership of Bitcoin, as well as the mechanisms behind transferring ownership, if such exists.
Prof. Dr. Matthias Haentjens and his colleagues found out that a large portion of all Bitcoin in circulation is held by crypto custodians, which means the cryptosystem is not entirely disintermediated. Despite offering free-of-charge entry, crypto exchanges often store Bitcoin in a pool, rather than a segregated address. The pooling creates difficulties in tracing the exact path of a given Bitcoin, as well as not clarifying whether the funds are used by someone else. However, the team proposes the prohibition or limitation of such Bitcoin re-usage by eliminating the use of pooled Bitcoin addresses and use of segregated addresses.
From a legal standpoint, there is no big difference in the way a crypto custodian stores Bitcoin, whether in pooled or in segregated addresses. Segregated crypto addresses mean the crypto custodian allocates unique wallet addresses and private keys for each user.
The lawyers considered that from a property law perspective, Bitcoin ownership can be qualified either absolute or contract-related. The absolute ownership is often referred to as a physical Bitcoin carrier. However, the team proposes the prohibition or limitation of such Bitcoin re-usage.
The researchers concluded that it’s hard from a legal point of view for users to put claims for revendication in case of crypto custodian insolvency. However, in the cases of MtGox and BitGrail, such claims were referred to as pari passu with other unsecured claims, as the courts ruled that Bitcoin can’t bear signs of ownership.
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If you just received 800 Bitcoin out of the blue, it was from me

messed up big time. I sent this address 800 bitcoin:
I had previously sent this address 300 bitcoin a year ago, and for the life of me I cannot remember what that was!
Any and all help appreciated.
Edit: Definitely a Mt Gox account so I'm trying to get a hold of them. As this was clearly an accident and not a deposit I would appreciate my errantly sent bitcoins back.
Many thanks to throwaway43572
Thanks for your understanding everyone, hopefully bitcoin can learn from my mistake.
Apple accepting bitcoin.... hell ya!
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$1B Bitcoins On The Move: Owner Transfers ~$100M to Bitfinex And Binance In 10 Days

$1B Bitcoins On The Move: Owner Transfers ~$100M to Bitfinex And Binance In 10 Days
This is the third post of a series of articles dedicated to investigate $1B worth of bitcoins (111,114 BTC/BCH/... BXX) that were dormant since 2014 and started moving actively. The BTC coins were originally located at this address (1933phfhK3ZgFQNLGSDXvqCn32k2buXY8a).
The origin of the bitcoins is discussed here.
A deep-dive into the wallet activity was discussed here.
Today, I will focus on the transfer to major exchanges wallets that could indicate that the owner is selling his coins or exchanging it with alts or mixing it to cover his back.
I built a graph in order to deep dive into the transactions originated from the 111,114-BTC wallet and to follow it. This is the resulting graph were red indicates transactions <1 day, yellow <1 month, blue <1 year, green else.

I found that at least 15,593 BTC originated from the 111,114-BTC wallet have been moved to Bitfinex and Binance wallets. This represents 14% of the original funds and more than $110M.

Bitfinex wallet

11,114 BTC have been transferred to Bitfinex wallet 1Kr6QSydW9bFQG1mXiPNNu6WpJGmUa9i1g and the majority of these coins have been transferred in the last 7 days (August 24th - September 2nd).
Here is the list of the transactions:

Binance wallet

4,421 BTC have been transferred to Binance wallet 1NDyJtNTjmwk5xPNhjgAMu4HDHigtobu1s and the majority of these coins have been transferred in the last 10 days (August 21st - September 2nd).
Here is the list of the transactions:
Bitmex wallet(s)

I tracked Bitmex as well but "only" found 210 BTC transferred in with the following 6 major transactions:

Also, I have found 350 BTC transferred from Bitmex wallets though, maybe after being "washed out":

Update 1
If anyone finds if the owner of this address is an exchange : 3PtJRj5xKUKJ21TshP5u2G6dQMPNz2yUSc, I would be interested, thanks.

Update 2
Here is a full resolution version of the graph requested by u/rush717:

Update 3
MtGox vs SilkRoad origin and September 6th BTC price impact is now discussed here:

Surprisingly BTC price was pumping since those funds were starting to be transferred to Bitfinex and Binance wallets (see Binance transactions' list, August 11th)
How do you think this will impact the market?
Do you want me to continue this investigation? If yes let me know what you would want me to focus on.
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New Mt Gox Press Release - Feb 10 - they still aren't allowing BTC withdrawls

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Claims made by account holders who received stolen MtGox bitcoins

MagicalTux posted about this before:
I've not seen this discussed since. If there are large amount of fraudulent claims we should try to get the trustee to petition the court to dismiss those claims. Does MagicalTux have some estimate how much these claims are worth? Or is there any new info regarding the claims?
If someone has representation in the upcoming meeting I think this would be a good issue to bring forward in there.
Quote from referenced url above by MagicalTux:
A total of some 40k BTC has been received by MtGox customers as a side effect of the theft method that resulted in Vinnik receiving some 500k+ BTC stolen from MtGox. Most withdrew those BTC immediately, but some had some balance remaining and filed claims with the trustee anyway.
So there are people who claimed stolen coins which just appeared on their accounts. These claims are now diluting other MtGox user claims. It feels very unfair that these users after withdrawing coins which didn't belong to them, would still receive even more unjustified assets from the bankruptcy.
edit: added MagicalTux quote
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You can call you a Bitcoiner if you know/can explain these terms...

10 Minutes
10,000 BTC Pizza
2016 Blocks
21 Million
210,000 Blocks
51% Attack
Asic Boost
Bitcoin Cash
Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP)
Bitcoin SV
Block height
Block reward
Bloom Filter
Brain Wallet
Change Address
Child pays for parent (CPFP)
Coinbase (not the exchange)
Coinmarketcap (CMC)
Colored Coin
Custodial Wallet
Craig Wright
David Kleinman
Difficulty adjustment
Difficulty Target
Dorian Nakamoto
Double spend
Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA)
Full Node
Gavin Andresen
Genesis Block
Getting goxed
Hard Fork
Hardware Wallet
Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) Wallet
Hot Wallet
Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)
Light Node
Master Private Key
Master Public Key
Master Seed
Merkle Tree
Mining Farm
Mining Pool
Not your keys,...
Orphan block
Paper Wallet
Pieter Wuille
Private key
Proof of Stake (PoS)
Proof of Work (PoW)
Public key
Replace by Fee (RBF)
Roger Ver
Satoshi Nakamoto
Schnorr Signatures
Segregated Witness (Segwit)
Simplified Payment Verification (SPV)
Smart Contract
Soft Fork
Transaction Fees
TransactionId (Txid)
User Activated Soft Fork (UASF)
Wallet Import Format (WIF)
Watch-Only Address
List obviously not complete. Suggestions appreciated.
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For the "newcomers" - If you want ELI5 answers to your questions bring them on.

I know that many are here for the trainwreck that's going on right now, but I thought I would take the opportunity to start a ELI5 thread and answer some questions about what bitcoin is and why I think you should (or shouldn't) get involved. I'll answer with as simple (and accurate) explanation as possible then try to get into more detail.
I won't sugar coat or pump Bitcoin. I don't know if it's a sound investment. I don't want to give investment advice, but if you want to ask the questions, I'll do my best to answer them.
Edit: OK I'm off for now. I'll come back sometime and answer some more...
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NEEDED! Any bitcoin addresses you have used to send money to mtgox or they used to send coins to you.

I figure if we can track down enough mtgox addresses, me and my buddy (and the rest of the internet) could try to do some graph theory math or other such tricks to figure out the rest of them by transaction history and maybe even relay ip.
mtgox will have three types of addresses:
If we can find enough toss addresses, we can track them to the hot addresses, if we can find enough of the hot addresses, we can track them to the cold addresses.
If you received bitcoins from mtgox or sent bitcoins to them, and can find the transaction in your wallet's history, you should post the transaction or the address here.
You can post them raw, or link to it on
BEFORE YOU POST, PLEASE NOTE THAT THEY WILL ALSO POINT TO YOU. Don't post any if you would rather not risk the possibility of someone linking your spending to your reddit account. (You may also send me a message on reddit and I will credit it to pm rather than your username)
We can start to get a running total of how many bitcoins they actually have, and see how reliable their story is.
List of addresses so far: (please let me know if you have reason to believe one of them isn't a mtgox address or if you see any dupes) I won't be updating this that often, reddit starts to wonder if you are a spammer if you edit a post too much in a short amount of time.
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MtGox Bitcoins to BTC Bitcoins in 50 seconds What Does Mt Gox Say? Sending bitcoins from Mtgox to your bitcoin wallet Mt. Gox Bitcoin Delay, Ripple + Justin Bieber, Monero Futures & Bitcoin Price Bounce Mt. Gox Says It Found 200,000 Bitcoins In Old Wallet

The fact that he is in jail raises more questions about the validity of the claim that this bitcoin wallet belongs to this infamous darknet sector. The other theory that is floating on the internet is that the address belongs to Mt. Gox, a defunct crypto exchange that fled with its client's holdings a couple of years ago. Even though some of that stolen loot has since been recovered, most of ... Mt. Gox, called "Mount Gox" or simply "Gox", was the most widely used bitcoin currency exchange market from shortly after its inception in 2010 to its insolvency late 2013. The market was closed February 25, 2014 and has since filed for bankruptcy protection in Japan and the United States, after losing 640 thousand bitcoins.. A registrant on Mt. Gox had at least two sub-accounts: one for ... These bitcoins will show up on your MtGox account. You can then withdraw these bitcoins from your MtGox account to your own wallet. You can find this under Funding options > Withdraw funds > Bitcoin. Enter the address your wallet gives you and MtGox will send your coins to that address so that they show up in your wallet. Mt. Gox said on Friday it found 200,000 "forgotten" bitcoins on March 7, a week after the Tokyo-based digital currency exchange filed for bankruptcy protection, saying it lost nearly all the ... A Reddit user has posted that the Bitcoin wallet hacked by the MtGox hack had nearly 80,000 Bitcoins stored in it since 2011. The Redditor, while referring to the link of that wallet, mentions that these 79,956 Bitcoins added to the account via a single transfer on March 1st, 2011.

[index] [34846] [7059] [18592] [16930] [24918] [31130] [20917] [37286] [2411] [11910]

MtGox Bitcoins to BTC Bitcoins in 50 seconds

Try TRADE HILL instead: Price crashes from $17.5 to $0.01. That i not a typo. ONE CENT. Here is the official statement f... My Second Channel: ----- Supp... Investing in cryptocurrency 2018 and beyond is a sound investment, but what happens when the market is manipulated by those with large amounts of coins. Find out what happened what might happen to ... MtGox Bitcoins To BTC Bitcoins BITCOIN PRICE , BITCOIN FUTURE in doubt What is NAMECOIN BITCOIN'S First Fork In this video tutorial we'll create a new bitcoin wallet with Electrum and then send some bitcoins to it from MtGox.