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Will my pc work for mining well.

I have been doing a lot of research on bitcoin and decided I would like to mine it. Electric cost doesn't matter because its included with rent, so how profitable would be a 1050 ti and a Radeon 5830 at mining and how much could I make a month at the current price. Also is nicehash any good because I am thinking about using that for the Nvidia card and for the AMD one learning about how to mine monero. Also does mining affect lifespan because I built this PC August last year and would like it to live till August 2019 atleast. (I had posted this in Bitcoin but mods took it down because it mentions monero)
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Newegg - Refurb Video Cards

I've seen a few decent deals on refurbished video cards lately on Newegg.
Just a few days ago I picked up a GTX 465 for $112 total. It's a bit dated but it's a huge upgrade over my 3850, and cheap enough that I can justify it as a temporary upgrade.
Here's a few deals I found:
ASUS GTX 460 768MB $95
Sapphire Radeon 5830 $108
Sapphire Radeon 5830 Xtreme $108
ASUS GTX 465 $110
I think that the GTXs will perform better than the 5830s in gaming, but 5830s are pretty popular for bitcoin mining.
In terms of comparisons to cards that you can buy brand new, anything else in this price range is about $120 (I'm looking at you 6850) but would require a rebate. The GTX cards will most likely trade blows with a 6850, while the 5830s will outperform it for bitcoin mining.
Are these deals for everyone? Not at all. But I'm sure at least a few people out there could use a card at this price-point.
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single or double precision

How does bitcoin mining work? I see specs that are different for single and double precision, which do the miners use?
that's a significant difference in speeds for something like
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Linux bitcoin mining rig Radeon 5850 1.2GHash/s GPU Bitcoin and Litecoin Mining Rig Bitcoin Mining Rig - Radeon HD 6950 IceQ X Turbo 2GB - Need help! Assembling / Building a bitcoin (crypto) mining rig with AMD hardware. Radeon 5830, 6950 GPU 20 GRAPHICS CARD BITCOIN MINING RIG ATI 5870 8MH/GH

Radeon HD 5830 : NewEgg ($153) $110 Case Fan : n/a : n/a : n/a Storage : Western Digital Caviar 80GB : NewEgg: $17 Media Drive : DVD Rom Drive : n/a : n/a Keyboard, Mouse and Display : n/a : n/a : n/a Total (Approx: $1.1755 /Mhash) $285 + s/h/t Three ATI 5770s, Approximately 630 Mhash/s . Component Description Source Amount Power Supply : Rosewill Green Series RG530-S12 530W, 80 PLUS Certified ... Przy obecnej trudności (difficulty) wynoszącej 17345997805929 karta wydobywa 0.0000 bitcoin'ów na dzień, 0.0000 bitcoin'ów w ciągu miesiąca, a 1BTC można wydobyć średnio co 121021866 dni. Kopiąc solo kartą Radeon HD 5830 blok (25 BTC) można trafić średnio co 3025546645 dni. Bitcoin-Mining mit Radeon HD 5830. Mi, 17.08.2011 11:19 – Leonidas. Bookmark/Search this post with: Kann Bitcoin-Mining per Grafikkarte gewinnbringend sein? Original; Thumbnail; Kleine Vorschau; Vorschau2; Kleine Vorschau2; Druckoptimierte Version; Neueste Blogeinträge. Das Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra; Neue Newsindex-Listen zu Navi 2X, Zen 4, Alder Lake & Xe ; NVIDIA TITAN RTX BFG9000 CEO ... The official bitcoin mining forum / subreddit / chat room / place to be!. jump to content. my subreddits. edit subscriptions. popular-all-random-users news-AskReddit-funny-pics-worldnews-todayilearned-gaming-tifu-mildlyinteresting-aww-Jokes-movies-Music-videos-personalfinance-OldSchoolCool-Showerthoughts-explainlikeimfive -IAmA-TwoXChromosomes-gifs-science-LifeProTips-space-television-Art ... Bitcoin mining is how Bitcoin transactions are validated and confirmed by the Bitcoin network. Bitcoin miners create a new block by solving a proof of work problem that is chained through cryptographic proof to the previous block. What is a Bitcoin Miner? A Bitcoin miner is a computer specifically designed to solve problems according to the proof of work algorithm. Currently, highly ...

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Linux bitcoin mining rig Radeon 5850

I mine bitcoins with my very loud GPU... AR-15 Maintenance: Field-strip, Clean and Lubricate an AR-15 - Gunsite Academy Firearms Training - Duration: 29:38. National Shooting Sports Foundation ... Noob's Guide To Bitcoin Mining - Super Easy & Simple - Duration: 11 ... Assembling / Building a bitcoin (crypto) mining rig with AMD hardware. Radeon 5830, 6950 GPU - Duration: 7:48. noipv4 49,676 ... Here's a little video I shot of one of my server racks that's almost 2 years old mining bitcoins with 4 Radeon HD 5830's per machine. I decided to shoot this video while I was busy re-configuring ... Assembling / Building a bitcoin (crypto) mining rig with AMD hardware. Radeon 5830, 6950 GPU - Duration: 7:48. ... Super Custom BitCoin/LiteCoin Mining Rig 2.0 - Tech Tips - Duration: 7:44. NCIX ... Assembling / Building a bitcoin (crypto) mining rig with AMD hardware. Radeon 5830, 6950 GPU - Duration: 7:48. ... Bitcoin Mining Speed with ATI Radeon HD 5870 - Duration: 0:48. how2videos101 ...